The First 15 Minutes

Weird, Strange and a bit uneasy. Those are the feeling of how I would summarize the first minutes after pulling out of the dealership.  Most people new to driving the Camaro complain about the visibility. I can’t say that was my issue. What was my issue with driving the car at least for the first few minutes was that it seemed like the front of the car was a mile long.

Up until yesterday, I had been driving a Nissan Murano and although that is full-size Crossover, there always seemed to be a lot more of the car behind me than in front. The Camaro was just the opposite – a feeling of a short back, but what seemed like a football field in front of me. And what’s more, I was navigating that football field around corners.

Fortunately, I was in rural Pennsylvania where there was plenty of room and the football field feeling only lasted a very short time.

The 3-hour drive home then gave me more than enough time to make friends with the car and by the time I got back to New York, it was like I had been driving the car for a really long time.

During the drive, I was loving the cars handling and performance not to mention the pure feeling of just driving a Camaro. The 6th gen Camaro has tight responsive steering and excellent power.

A few days prior back in New York I test drove a 4 cylinder and for anyone who has never driven the 4 cylinder turbo all I can say is you need to.  Several times I had to tell myself several times that the car didn’t even have 100 miles on it and that I should probably take it easy -at least for now!


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