Hot Wheels – Latest Finds JACKPOT

Found my first TH today! Yes, it finally happened. While hunting in two Target stores here on Long Island today, I spotted the 69 Chevelle from the 2019 “C” case. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, but there it was right in front of my eyes. I didn’t even have to dig, the car was hanging right on the end of the peg in full view.

At first, I thought, no, I must be wrong, but upon further inspection, I could see the TH symbol signifying Treasure Hunt and the Hot Wheels logo right on the side of the car. 

The interesting thing is that I have only been collecting for a couple of months. And during that time I have heard people say that they have been collecting for years and never found a Treasure Hunt.

The car is #60 in the 2019 mainline set and #9 of 10 in the X-Raycersseries. It is based upon the actual car but is translucent and somewhat cartoonish.

Now I want a Super!

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