UPDATE: Current Projects – 95 Impala and 87 300zx

In my last post, I showed off my latest two projects – the Nissan 300zx and the Chevy Impala. Although both cars are a long ways away from completion, I figured that it was a good time to give you a glimpse of how far long the cars currently are.

Let’s begin with the Impala. After locating a Johnny Lightning for a base to begin on eBay, I received the car about 10 days ago. There are many mods on the car that I am reproducing including a hood scoop, a rear spoiler, and a front splitter so I immediately got to work cutting out a section of the hood where the scoop is to be located. I then using styrene and Tamiya putty and began forming the mods.

Here are a couple of pictures of the actual car and the diecast.

As you can see that the modifications have been installed, formed and just need to be cleaned up. The only other thing that needed to be done was the wheels which were chrome needed to be painted black.

Once those things are done the car will be ready for paint. So as you can see although there is a lot left to do mostly in the way of paint, a lot has gotten done.

As for the Nissan, although it has a lot fewer modifications to reproduce, I do have some body work to do as the car was an 84 turbo and I am turning it into an 87 without a turbo.

I also decided that I would like to give the car T tops. Although T tops were outlined in the hard top, I decided that it would look much better if I broke out the Dremel and actually made T tops.

I then puttied around the lights since the 84 and 87 have a different taillight setup and removed the turbo using a file.

At his point, the car has been primed and painted and I am in the process of painting in the taillights. Once that is complete I plan to clearcoat the car.

Here are some pictures of the Nissan.

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Current Projects – 95 Impala and 87 300zx

Along with setting up and establishing the Long Island Hot Wheels Club, there are a couple of other projects that I have been hard at work on. Mainly a 95 Chevrolet Impala and an 87 Nissan 300zx.

The Nissan is a car that I just decided one day to do as a lark. My friend Jeff bought his dream classic a couple of months back and I wanted to build him a miniature of it. I figured that not only would it make an excellent gift to give a good friend, but that I would gain lots of needed experience doing so.

The Impala is actually much more interesting. It’s a basic 95 Impala SS, but what makes it interesting is that it has several very cool mods that I need to reproduce.

The guy that I am building it for was recommended to me by a guy that I met on Instagram.

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Current Projects – 78 Camaro and 06 Silverado

After spending what seemed like a small fortune on tools, for the last couple of weeks I have been working on two projects. A 78 Chevrolet Camaro and an 07 Silverado.

If you remember back from a previous post when I first began getting into this hobby, I wanted to restore Redlines. Now, although I still want to work with Redlines or to be more specific the Custom Camaro and the Heavy Chevy, the idea of customizing newer diecast’s is becoming very appealing to me.

I like the idea of being able to build anything that I want. I also know that I am very good at figuring out how to make it happen.

So being a fan of Chevrolet and Camaro’s, in particular, that is what I want to build. I always wanted a late model second-gen Camaro but never having had the chance to own one, this is what interests me the most.

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95 Camaro Convertible

Recently I picked this car up at a local market near where I live. I liked it for two reasons. First, it is a Camaro and second I figured that by the looks of it, it would be a good candidate for restoration. Actually, I was really planning on customization which is a form of restoration.

Still being relatively new to restorations and customs I am not sure how a project is going to come out, I don’t think you ever really know, but I had no idea. However, as you can see by the looks of things I am pretty happy with the results. Except for a slight orange peel in the acrylic paint that I used, most of what I tried to do was accomplished.

Although I have gotten really into using the Spectraflame paint used on the original Hot Wheels back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, I think there is a place for other kinds of paints. Spectraflame is translucent, but for this project, I wanted something opaque, and Createx paint worked fine here. I really love the color.

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Hot Wheels Restoration

For the last few weeks, I have been thinking about restoring Hot Wheels. It seems the more that I collect them, the more I to get into them. And the more that I get into them, the more that they connect with my love of tinkering around with stuff.

My friends are into collecting cars and fixing them up. I’m finding myself into collecting Hot Wheels cars and fixing them up.

Especially Redlines, Hot Wheels cars produced between 1968 (the first year) and 1977. The reason that the cars were called Redlines is that back then the cars came with Redline tires – tires with a red line around them.

Redlines are just so cool! They are a part of our culture.

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