LIHW – Long Island Hot Wheels Collectors and Customizers Club

As you know from my previous posts, I have been building the Long Island Hot Wheels Club. There is just something about the tiny cars that I find cool. I know that many people will disagree with me, but in some ways even cooler than full size cars.

I mean when it comes to the full size 1-1 car, I can see having two or three, but with the diecasts, I can have thousands and never worry about where I am going to park. I also will never be concerned when it comes to such things as keeping up with registrations and inspections as well as maintenance.

Get it or custom build it and display it on your shelf – done! As I said, many will disagree with me, but my one Camaro works for me.

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February 2019 – Group Update

Today is March 1rst and I just realized that I haven’t posted in over 3 weeks. Well, in one way it’s kind of understandable because I am a car guy who lives in New York.

It’s cold, dreary and I haven’t even washed my Camaro in, let’s just say a while – a long while. Actually, except for the occasional outing my Camaro spends it’s day’s under a cover in my driveway. I have written before that since being back in the automotive world this is my first offseason and it’s not much fun. There is nothing to do except wait for the better weather.

Or is there? As I am sure you have seen, I have become more and more into my Hot Wheels. It’s started last summer with a couple of cool Camaros that I bought on eBay and moved quickly to full-blown customizations.

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