Approaching 1 Year

As difficult as it is to believe it’s fast coming up on the anniversary of my getting Bowtie. I am realizing this because this Sunday is the Superbowl and it feels like just yesterday, when during the last Superbowl that I asked my friend Jeff his opinion of the car.

Of course, at that time Bowtie wasn’t mine. He was just a listing on Carguru that I very much liked and was considering buying. It had only been a couple of days that I had been thinking Camaro, but by this point, my choice was narrowed down.

It was just a matter of which Camaro to get. Remember I knew nothing about the Camaro since I hadn’t owned one in almost 25 years and it was still a very strange concept, the idea of me owning another Camaro. It didn’t seem real, but I was enjoying the experience.

So Monday morning, the day after the Superbowl, I remember calling the dealership and beginning the paperwork. And it was Thursday of that week that my friend Bob and I took a trip to King of Prussia to pick up the car.

You can read about my first thought here.

Now that it has been a year, as difficult as that is to believe, what has even been harder to believe is the way that this car has changed my life. Since that time everything has been all about the Camaro. From the clubs that I have joined, to the friends that I have made, to my Hot Wheels collection it has all been about the Camaro.

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Introducing the 2.0 Camaro 1LE


If you have been reading this blog for any time, you know that I have been driving the 4 cylinder 1lt Camaro for over 7 months now and loving it.  I have gone from very skeptical (I remember the 1980’s Iron Duke all too well) to realize that this version of Camaro is not only quick but given the mere 3300 pounds that it weighs is simply a lot of fun.

Now I know that I lots of you are about to hit the back button now that I uttered the words Camaro and 4 cylinders in the same paragraph. Time after time I have been told that what I am talking about is a muscle car without the muscle. And before owning it and driving it several thousand miles by now, I would have agreed. Being raised in the 1970’s and 80’s I also used to subscribe to the theory of the bigger, the better.

Faster Than the V8

However, these are changing time, and that includes the auto industry. For better or worse, cars just aren’t built the way that they used to be. Nowadays the computer or ECU runs the car. Years back tuning a car meant changing the points and the plugs – now it means something completely different.

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After 6 Months


As difficult as it is too believe six months have come and gone! Wasn’t it just yesterday that I needed a car and was picking up my new Camaro?

And now that the first six months of being back in the saddle and Camaro ownership have come and gone the experience deepens and I have another six months of experience to share.

If you missed my three-month experience post you can read it here:

The car, the community around it and the experience continue to get better and better.

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My Thoughts on The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro

It has now been five days since the press release announcing the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro and I don’t like it any better than when I first saw it. Although not completely discouraged, I am hoping that it will grow on me. Maybe it will just take some time, maybe.

Fortunately, this was only a refresh and along with some needed safety features and an improved MyLink system, the only changes were to the grill and the tail lights along with a modestly reshaped hood. I say fortunately because as much as I am trying to love this car, I get the feeling that it is going to be an uphill battle.

Refreshing the way cars look is common, it’s the way that manufacturers get you to buy the latest model. And it normal to one year like the grill and the lights and to one year not. The interesting thing here is that so far the internet is pretty much in agreement – this version of the Chevrolet Camaro is not being received well.

The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Refresh

In my opinion, the grill just doesn’t have the same class as the last update which was a major change and occurred in 2016. The taillights are OK and now look more the way that they did before the 2016 upgrade. They are now more rounded and defined. I don’t think they go with this 6th generation Camaro which is styled after the first generation that had rectangular lights. There will also be more distinction for the SS model as it will receive its own special lights. The SS will also have an optional 10-speed automatic transmission.

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New York Auto Show – Mustang vs Camaro

Upon entering the New York Auto Show and once I got by the TAW Trans Am display I immediately found myself surrounded by Fords. Being loyal to Chevrolet, I didn’t intend to do it that way, it’s was just that Ford was closest to the entrance.


But I always find it interesting to see what the competition is up to and it didn’t take long to bump into a Mustang and a GT. I assume that they were in such a predominantly displayed location because Ford was trying to show them off. After all, they are very good looking cars.


There is no denying that these are two great cars with lots of potentials. However, having always been loyal to Chevrolet and with a long history of Chevy’s, I could never see myself driving one of these cars so I simply took a quick look and moved on. For me it always a Mustang vs Camaro thing!

Finally Chevrolet

After passing through several other manufacturers, I finally came upon what I had set out for – Chevrolet.

There is something very comfortable about the bowtie and the Chevrolet name.

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The New York Auto Show – Is It Really A Trans Am?


Well yesterday, I finally made it to the New York Auto Show and not only was it a Sunday but being the last day of the show it was incredibly crowded. That being said any time that I am looking at cars regardless of the size of the crowd is a good time.

Upon entering and making my way through security, the first thing that I noticed was a Trans Am. Now anyone who is familiar with cars knows that the Trans Am is no longer manufactured. Yet there it was right in front of me, a brand new Trans Am! But, since the car is no longer in production this Trans Am was actually a very customized 2018 Camaro that has been made to resemble a late 70’s Pontiac Trans Am.

A New Kind Of Trans Am


Considering that the Pontiac brand was discontinued in 2010 and besides the Camaro, the Trans Am was one of my favorite cars seeing a Camaro customized into a Trans Am at the New York Auto Show was a thrill. The Trans Am was a great car that always shared its platform with the Camaro.

The car is built by Florida based Trans Am Worldwide (Trans Am Depot) and if seeing one isn’t thrilling enough the Trans Am styling that they modeled it after was of a second generation which is one of my personal favorites.

But that’s not the end of the story. Trans Am Worldwide or TAW as it is known as makes several versions of this car ranging from just over one hundred thousand dollars to just under 200k with the top level being a 455SD engine that produces somewhere around 1000 hp – wow!

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The First Month

My Camaro At 3 Months
My Camaro At 3 Months

As hard as it is to believe, it’s been over a month since I picked up my car. Unfortunately, with the crummy weather here on the east coast, it has been difficult to drive, let alone get a real feel for my new Camaro.

Yet, even though, being so into the car, my curiosity has gotten me to explore as much as I possibly can. So this post is meant to share my first impression – likes and dislikes

Let’s first begin with what I like about the car.

Where Chevy Did Well

The Feeling – If you have never been in a Camaro, it’s an experience! It’s more than just a car, it’s way of life. It’s a culture, and it’s very easy to understand why there is so much enthusiasm surrounding it.

Styling – Although I have heard people disagree with me, this is one of the best looking cars on the market today. With the longer hood and fastback style, except for maybe the Ford Mustang, there isn’t much out there. Right now we are living in a world of dull uncool sedans and SUV’s.

The Engine – Now a lot of you will disagree with me. In fact, most of you will disagree, but I have the four-cylinder turbo, and it is one of the best engines that I have ever driven. It’s a bit slower off the line, but when that turbo opens up at about 2500 RPM, this car is thrilling.

I have never driven the 8-cylinder, but I have driven the six and can honestly say that I like this motor better. More than just a couple of people have said to me “a four-cylinder in a Camaro”? Although I completely understand their point, all I can say is that you need to drive it to appreciate it.

The Technology – Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a technology geek. Not only do I work in the field of technology, I just love it. So the big screen right in the middle of my dashboard is perfect for me. And if you are looking to spend another five to ten thousand dollars, the available technology becomes even more outstanding.

Drive Modes – Although not really a necessity, this is a nice option to have and even comes standard on the 1LT. While you will spend most of your time in Tour mode, I was very pleased to see that the Sport and Ice & Snow modes really do enhance driving under those conditions.

So as you can see, there is a lot I like about the car. However, there are a couple (not many) of things that I don’t really like.

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