My 2017 1lt Camaro aka “Bowtie”


This site is about me and my love of the Chevrolet Camaro or “Maro”, as we used to call them back in the day. During the late 70’s and 1980’s, the Camaro was my world. Remembering back there were two things that were important to me – my girlfriend at the time whom I don’t remember and my Camaro whom I remember well.

Although I was raised in Camaro’s, my mother had one of the first, a Powder Blue 1967 which she traded in for a dark red 1973 Sports Coupe, I didn’t have my own until 1985. But when I finally did get my own, what a Camaro it was!  At the time I loved gadgets so my Camaro was a  medium Gray 1985 Z28 with almost every option.

Unfortunately, as time began to take its toll due to usage and wear, I had to part with the car in 1993. It was also around that time that I got married and started a small business. It seemed like my interest in the car was over – at least that is what I thought.

As time moved on I thought that my beloved “Z” was to be a thing of the past. Although the 4th generation was available at the time, it didn’t really matter. Not only could I not have afforded it at the time, but I didn’t even like it. It was a nice car, but there was just something about it that after experiencing the three previous generations that in my eyes was a letdown.

I must not have been the only one who didn’t care for the 4th generation Camaro because in 2002 GM discontinued the car. During this time period, I had several Nissan pickups and an SUV which served me well.

But last month the lease on my Nissan Murano was coming to an end. Not really even thinking about cars in years, let alone the Camaro, I knew that I was going to need a replacement (I wrote this and also began this blog within the first month of getting the car – Feb. 2018). I still don’t know what prompted me although I suspect it was that I never completely forgot my Camaro history that made me think about the car again.

And the rest is history! After one look at the 6th generation Camaro, it was like rekindling a friendship with someone that you haven’t seen in twenty-five years. This is that story.

The story of me and my Camaro, Bowtie.

Scott Becker
Avid Fan Of The Chevy Camaro – Owner of Bowtie