Hot Wheels – Latest Finds JACKPOT

Found my first TH today! Yes, it finally happened. While hunting in two Target stores here on Long Island today, I spotted the 69 Chevelle from the 2019 “C” case. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, but there it was right in front of my eyes. I didn’t even have to dig, the car was hanging right on the end of the peg in full view.

At first, I thought, no, I must be wrong, but upon further inspection, I could see the TH symbol signifying Treasure Hunt and the Hot Wheels logo right on the side of the car. 

The interesting thing is that I have only been collecting for a couple of months. And during that time I have heard people say that they have been collecting for years and never found a Treasure Hunt.

The car is #60 in the 2019 mainline set and #9 of 10 in the X-Raycersseries. It is based upon the actual car but is translucent and somewhat cartoonish.

Now I want a Super!

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LI Hot Wheels Group

If you have read any of the posts on this site, you undoubtedly know that I am an avid collector and customizer of diecasts, Hot Wheels in particular.

When I got my Camaro I never realized the new journeys and experiences that it would lead to. The biggest two of those being my Camaro groups and my Hot Wheels collection. Meeting other people with the same interests as me has made this car even more fun – I have made so many friends. The other thing that I never dreamed that I would get into, but has been a lot of fun has been my Hot Wheels collecting and customizing.

And now I want to take it one step further by creating a group of diecast collectors and customizers. Although I have established a Facebook group, the real plan is to move to having in-person meetings here on Long Island. Of course, anyone is welcome, no matter where you are located in the Facebook group which is located at

If you would like to get on the list of those notified of all of our plans and exactly when we will be meeting you can sign up for that here.

Oh, and one more thing, if you wouldn’t mind sharing this with anyone that you know that might be interested I’m sure that they would appreciate it.
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My Friend Joey T.

This past Monday I took a trip down to Astoria to visit my friend Joey T. Joey is a friend of mine from the NY 5Th Gen whom I met even before I joined their club.

In fact, he was one of the guys who turned me on to it in the first place even before I knew that the club existed. And it was only later on after meeting Joey that I realized that he was a Hot Wheels collector too.

It seems that he has been collecting Hot Wheels for over 10 years and had a lot of everything. A lot of everything Camaro that is and besides being one of the nicest people that you could meet, Joey is also one of the most generous.

When Joey heard the story of how I got so into the car that I even got into Hot Wheels and practically everything else that connected with the car he wanted to help me out. And did he ever!

Realizing how many Hot Wheels cars there are to collect and how long it took him to find many of the variations along with knowing that he had many of the same kind multiple times over Joey wanted to help me catch up.

So last Monday he invited me to his garage in Astoria NY to not only see his collection but to give my collection a jump start.

Here is what Joey insisted on giving me. Now that is what I call a friend!!!

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LICC (Long Island Camaro Club) Holiday Party

Last Friday night the LICC had their annual holiday party. Although most holiday parties are held during the holidays this one was held last week, after the holidays

Lynda Abusio, our club president, feels that the holidays are too hectic for another party or at least another thing on the schedule and since there really isn’t much going on in January, I kind of agree.

Fortunately, even the weather cooperated and many members came out. As with all of our meets, the party was just a fun gathering of people doing nothing more than hanging out as seen by the pictures.

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Current Projects – 78 Camaro and 06 Silverado

After spending what seemed like a small fortune on tools, for the last couple of weeks I have been working on two projects. A 78 Chevrolet Camaro and an 07 Silverado.

If you remember back from a previous post when I first began getting into this hobby, I wanted to restore Redlines. Now, although I still want to work with Redlines or to be more specific the Custom Camaro and the Heavy Chevy, the idea of customizing newer diecast’s is becoming very appealing to me.

I like the idea of being able to build anything that I want. I also know that I am very good at figuring out how to make it happen.

So being a fan of Chevrolet and Camaro’s, in particular, that is what I want to build. I always wanted a late model second-gen Camaro but never having had the chance to own one, this is what interests me the most.

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NY 5th Gen Toys For Tots

Today the 5th Gen’s had their annual Toys For Tots toy drive beginning with about a dozen cars meeting at the Bellmore Railroad Station around noon. From there it was a short cruise to Creedmore State Hospital in Bellerose NY.

Once there we were greeted by a few more members and a New York City police escort. Not only did a police escort make a nice impression for the kids, but it got us through a red light and a speed camera in style. 

Once getting the Camaros parked many folks took the opportunity for a photo op with the police, the toys that we brought for the kids or both. 

But the big event was when we went inside and got to meet the kids. It was there the kids got to also greet Santa who handed out the toys. The day ended with the kids getting to check out the Camaros in the parking lot.

95 Camaro Convertible

Recently I picked this car up at a local market near where I live. I liked it for two reasons. First, it is a Camaro and second I figured that by the looks of it, it would be a good candidate for restoration. Actually, I was really planning on customization which is a form of restoration.

Still being relatively new to restorations and customs I am not sure how a project is going to come out, I don’t think you ever really know, but I had no idea. However, as you can see by the looks of things I am pretty happy with the results. Except for a slight orange peel in the acrylic paint that I used, most of what I tried to do was accomplished.

Although I have gotten really into using the Spectraflame paint used on the original Hot Wheels back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, I think there is a place for other kinds of paints. Spectraflame is translucent, but for this project, I wanted something opaque, and Createx paint worked fine here. I really love the color.

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