Approaching 1 Year

As difficult as it is to believe it’s fast coming up on the anniversary of my getting Bowtie. I am realizing this because this Sunday is the Superbowl and it feels like just yesterday, when during the last Superbowl that I asked my friend Jeff his opinion of the car.

Of course, at that time Bowtie wasn’t mine. He was just a listing on Carguru that I very much liked and was considering buying. It had only been a couple of days that I had been thinking Camaro, but by this point, my choice was narrowed down.

It was just a matter of which Camaro to get. Remember I knew nothing about the Camaro since I hadn’t owned one in almost 25 years and it was still a very strange concept, the idea of me owning another Camaro. It didn’t seem real, but I was enjoying the experience.

So Monday morning, the day after the Superbowl, I remember calling the dealership and beginning the paperwork. And it was Thursday of that week that my friend Bob and I took a trip to King of Prussia to pick up the car.

You can read about my first thought here.

Now that it has been a year, as difficult as that is to believe, what has even been harder to believe is the way that this car has changed my life. Since that time everything has been all about the Camaro. From the clubs that I have joined, to the friends that I have made, to my Hot Wheels collection it has all been about the Camaro.

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Introducing the 2.0 Camaro 1LE


If you have been reading this blog for any time, you know that I have been driving the 4 cylinder 1lt Camaro for over 7 months now and loving it.  I have gone from very skeptical (I remember the 1980’s Iron Duke all too well) to realize that this version of Camaro is not only quick but given the mere 3300 pounds that it weighs is simply a lot of fun.

Now I know that I lots of you are about to hit the back button now that I uttered the words Camaro and 4 cylinders in the same paragraph. Time after time I have been told that what I am talking about is a muscle car without the muscle. And before owning it and driving it several thousand miles by now, I would have agreed. Being raised in the 1970’s and 80’s I also used to subscribe to the theory of the bigger, the better.

Faster Than the V8

However, these are changing time, and that includes the auto industry. For better or worse, cars just aren’t built the way that they used to be. Nowadays the computer or ECU runs the car. Years back tuning a car meant changing the points and the plugs – now it means something completely different.

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