Approaching 1 Year

As difficult as it is to believe it’s fast coming up on the anniversary of my getting Bowtie. I am realizing this because this Sunday is the Superbowl and it feels like just yesterday, when during the last Superbowl that I asked my friend Jeff his opinion of the car.

Of course, at that time Bowtie wasn’t mine. He was just a listing on Carguru that I very much liked and was considering buying. It had only been a couple of days that I had been thinking Camaro, but by this point, my choice was narrowed down.

It was just a matter of which Camaro to get. Remember I knew nothing about the Camaro since I hadn’t owned one in almost 25 years and it was still a very strange concept, the idea of me owning another Camaro. It didn’t seem real, but I was enjoying the experience.

So Monday morning, the day after the Superbowl, I remember calling the dealership and beginning the paperwork. And it was Thursday of that week that my friend Bob and I took a trip to King of Prussia to pick up the car.

You can read about my first thought here.

Now that it has been a year, as difficult as that is to believe, what has even been harder to believe is the way that this car has changed my life. Since that time everything has been all about the Camaro. From the clubs that I have joined, to the friends that I have made, to my Hot Wheels collection it has all been about the Camaro.

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Current Projects – 78 Camaro and 06 Silverado

After spending what seemed like a small fortune on tools, for the last couple of weeks I have been working on two projects. A 78 Chevrolet Camaro and an 07 Silverado.

If you remember back from a previous post when I first began getting into this hobby, I wanted to restore Redlines. Now, although I still want to work with Redlines or to be more specific the Custom Camaro and the Heavy Chevy, the idea of customizing newer diecast’s is becoming very appealing to me.

I like the idea of being able to build anything that I want. I also know that I am very good at figuring out how to make it happen.

So being a fan of Chevrolet and Camaro’s, in particular, that is what I want to build. I always wanted a late model second-gen Camaro but never having had the chance to own one, this is what interests me the most.

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The LICOA Show – Sunday, October 7th, 2018

As with so many shows this year, the weather was gloomy and the fun was off the charts. After taking a wrong last minute turn (that my navigation told me not to) and ending up at the wrong show I found my way to where I originally thought I was supposed to be – The Long Island Corvette Owners Association Car Show.

This wasn’t a large show but held at theTeachers Federal Credit Union this was a good show. Besides many friends from the LICC, the show was mostly Corvettes, Camaros, and interesting Classics and it didn’t rain. In fact, the sun even came out by the time that the awards were presented.

Hot Wheels – Latest Finds

This car which is part of the 2017 Car Culture series and also includes the much sort after Datsun 510 Bluebird and the 84 Mustang SVO is part of the subset only available to Red Line Club.  With staggered Real Rider Tires and being number 0/5, I just had to have it. Fortunately, I got a fair deal on eBay. Typically, the cars go for between $15 and $30 plus shipping.